Erasmus Essay


Erasmus Essay

This consists of a discussion of 20 written pages at the end of a bilateral or Erasmus exchange, whether this was for study or for training.

In this work, the student needs to give specific responses to a series of questions put to them, relating to their academic as well as their personal and social life: the host university, the course content, relations with students and professors there, the search for housing, social life, the possibility of working there, relations and the work carried out with UFV staff and the International Relations Office before, during and after their exchange, cultural shocks, emotional peaks, learning…

This year we will also pose a background question to accompany the student throughout their stay: “What remains in me even when I am far from my roots?”. In the conclusion, the student should state whether the exchange stay was worthwhile or not, with reasons.


You can register through the following link for the academic year 2022-23: link.

*Further information at the Vice-Rectorate for International Relations: [email protected]